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About Us

est. 1977
Pacific Towing was established in February 1977 and was originally owned (and operated) by John and Teunis Korevaar, operating the tug “Jas Hill” at the port of Lae where they also owned the tug masters house, which is today the Lae Branch Managers residence.

The tug “Wallacia” owned by Marine Pacific Limited was added to the business in 1980 from the collapsing venture PNG Offshore Towage and Salvage, thereby making Pacific Towing a Korevaar / Marine Pacific (PNG) Limited joint venture. Subsequent to this a new tug was ordered in 1982 from Singapore, the “Pacific Gulf” to compete with PNG Offshore Towage and Salvage in Port Moresby. Steamships who were the agents at the time for Dilmun Navigation Co. Ltd., bought out the Korevaars share in around 1985. The tugs “Jas Hill”, “Taralga” and “Tuart” were gradually sold off and replaced. The tug “Masthead” was hurriedly extracted from Bougainville in 1990 during the civil unrest on Bougainville Island.

In 2000 the company embarked on a fleet replacement programme and expanded its range of operations from Port Moresby and Lae, to include Madang, Kimbe and Rabaul; increasing fleet numbers from 4 to 8 tugs and upgrading capacity at these main ports, subsequently extending services to the smaller secondary ports of Bialla, Alotau, Wewak and Basamuk. Today the company owns and operates 11 tugs, and offers ocean towage services to Australia, the Far East and the Pacific Region, and offers competitive rates on PNG coastal tow.

The company maintains a dominant position as PNG’s leading marine salvage contractor and participated in well over 40 salvage operations in PNG in the last 10 years. Through strong relations with international salvage players, the company can call upon a vast resource of expertise and resource. The company currently employs over 150 staff and has a record of sustained investment in the PNG maritime industry, as well as a proud history in the training and development of PNG seafarers at all levels.

Today Pacific Towing PNG Limited is owned by Steamships Trading Company; our main activities involve the provision of niche services to the marine industry comprising harbour towage and mooring, terminal towage, ocean towage, coastal towage, commercial diving services, plus, salvage, emergency response, pollution prevention services and life raft servicing and sales.

No historic reference to the origins of Pacific Towing could be made without noting the pioneering contribution made by Capt Val Lawson who joined the company in 1982 as Manager / Salvage Master – the work undertaken by this extraordinary individual cannot be overlooked, a truly unique mariner who served the company through to 1998 with commitment and distinction. Capt. Lawson personified the fabric, and defining character of the company and Capt. Lawson is still fondly remembered as the person who established the business in its current format.